The public server

Public server provides you with a large variety of studies ranging from demographic, clinical information and microarray gene expression data. All this data can be viewed with tranSMART or Galaxy application tools. The data is extracted from public data repositories and curated by eTRIKS before being made available on the public server. Click on the right hand side widget to explore these datasets using the eTRIKS platform.

Here below is an overview of the patient-centric as well as cell line-focused data we have currently available on our eTRIKS Public server. Stay tuned : Additional omics data types will be added in the future.

Patient data:

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus:
27 Studies from GEO
25 Studies from GEO
24 Studies from GEO
Rheumatoid Arthritis:
23 Studies from GEO
18 Studies from GEO
Parkinson Disease:
16 Studies from GEO
Inflammatory Bowel Disease:
15 Studies from GEO
CCLE (1070 cell lines)
GSK (950 cell lines)
4 Studies from TCGA
3 Studies from GEO on Brest Cancer
1 Study from GEO on Multiple Myeloma
Lupus Nephritis:
2 Studies from GEO
Multiple sclerosis:
1 Study from GEO

Cell line data:

1070 cell lines
950 cell lines

eTRIKS Documentation

eTRIKS provides you with a large variety of documents which can help you to use platform. Click on the widget below to explore.



With large, complex datasets becoming the norm staging, exploring and analyzing translational research data can be challenging and resource intensive. eTRIKS is working to change that by providing platforms, services, and guidance for the use and re-use of translational research data.
Our newest development is the creation of an online space, eTRIKS Labs, where new projects that are being worked on will be made available for review and feedback. The intent is for this to be a means of co-creating tools, services, training and guidelines for translational research.


The eTRIKS Labs modules are offered to the public as freely available resources, for non-commercial research use. Some aspects of these experimental modules may still be under development, and there are no warranties about the completeness, reliability, accuracy, and security of any of the software packages. Please bear this in mind, especially if you wish to analyse personal and/or confidential data. Some of the services provided use public data sources that are available through third parties on the internet – these are identified by links provided under ‘Acknowledgements’ on the respective module pages. If you use or re-distribute these public data for any purposes, you are responsible for adhering to the license requirements of these public data sources.

Hosted Projects

Currently, eTRIKS platform in CC-IN2P3/CNRS hosts three projects. Only project members can click on the project to access the proposed services. For visitors who wants to know more about the specific projects, please click on the "hosted project" link in the navigation bar above.

eTRIKS deployment tools for services and applications

eTRIKS project provides several ways to deploy applications and services such as tranSMART, etc. Beware, these deployment tools are not designed for data centers that want to host production eTRIKS platform. If you are planning to deploy the eTRIKS platform in your data center, please contact us by clicking on the link user support on the navigation bar. We will provide you with more support.