1.What the tool can do for you?

The eTRIKS Harmonization Service (eHS) is a new addition to the eTRIKS platform that addresses the needs of eTRIKS current and prospective users for data harmonization and support for cross-study data investigations across translational research projects.

These extensions include a new standards compliant repository (BioSPEAK-DB) for storing, sharing and querying harmonized translational research data based on a new generic semantic data model. This model builds upon already existing standard initiatives in clinical and pre- clinical data management, namely the CDISC and ISA standards to facilitate standard-based data harmonization. This repository and associated interfaces will facilitate the configuration of study designs, preparation of study data for system import and transformation of study data into semantically consistent representations.

Complimentary to the data repository, a metadata registry is setup part of the eHS to support data curation and harmonization procedures, and a new eHS-tranSMART pipeline that improves data loading into traSMART by leveraging study-specific configurations generated within the EHS to extract, transform and load user-selected data to tranSMART with minimal curator intervention.

2.How to get the tool

Tool not available for download, but a sandbox “prototype” version of the current implementation is available at

3.Learn how to use the tool

Not Available yet !

4.How to get Involved

Please email feedback and questions to