1.What the tool can do for you?

SmartR provides a highly dynamic and interactive way of visualizing and analyzing data within tranSMART. Using recent web technologies SmartR generates visual analytics within the web browser rather than making use of static images. This provides the user with the possibility to explore and interact with the data while background scripts ensure that heavier computations are carried out by the tranSMART server, maintaining a responsive user interface.

Tool demo

2.How to get the tool

You can use the following link to use a demo version of SmartR. You can also download SmartR and test it on your own environment

Go to SmartR

3.Learn how to use the tool

SmartR workflow videos

SmartR - Boxplot Analysis
SmartR - Correlation Analysis
SmartR - Heatmap Analysis
You can use the following link to get more tutorial videos
SmartR workflow tutorials

4.How to get Involved